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Directions below to apply our sports injury knee protection. Use Protecht Skin™ and say goodbye to turf burn.

  • Skin must be clean & dry, free from lotions, oils, suntan lotion, or conditioners.
  • Cleaning with alcohol wipes before applying is recommended.
  • Knees should be bent 90 degrees before applying product.
  • Remove first two inches of paper backing from top of strip & apply top of patch above knee cap. Do not stretch top or bottom 2 inches of patch.
  • Firmly smooth top of patch to skin, then gently peel back paper backing as you smooth the rest of the patch down the front of the leg without wrinkling or folding patch.
  • Firmly smooth the top of the patch to the skin at the top of the knee. Then peel back the paper backing as you smooth the rest of the ProTecht Skin™ patch down the front of the leg, very gently stretching the patch.
  • Set patch adhesive by firmly rubbing patch, making sure all edges are adhered.
  • For best results, apply patch 15 to 20 minutes before play.

ProTecht Skin™ is hypo-allergenic & no latex, but if product causes irritation or rash, discontinue use. ProTecht Skin™ helps to protect skin from abrasions caused by falling during athletic activity. It will not protect knees from serious injuries such as sprains, ligament or tendon damage, or leg fractures.

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